James Benzing

I believe that what the world needs right now is True Wild Kings and Queens. People who are passionate about what they do and are willing to make a stand for what they believe in. 

I believe that in order to do this, the long journey from the head into the heart is required. For me, that journey needs soul food, and that recipe includes a mixture of nature connection, mythology and most importantly, practicing the art of speaking our deepest truths and learning to listen to those of others.

I have been seeking and walking on the spiritual and healing path since 2002. I trained and practiced as a yoga teacher and then immersed myself deeply in the practice of meditation. I spent several years in retreats, both in groups and solitary but my bubble was burst by a meeting with Tony Parsons, a teacher of non-duality.

I longed for a more earthly spirituality and one that would engage me in what I saw was a great need in the world. For me, what I most wanted to see changed was the way children and young people were raised. I wanted to see our young infused with passion, connection to nature and a sense of mystery in the world. What I see happening is the opposite.

I have spent the last 7 years participating and training in all the areas that would support me in doing this work. I spent time with the mythologist, Martin Shaw, stewing in the images of the old stories and participating in vision quests with him.

Since 2013 I have been a part of and received training from A Band Of Brothers, a charity who have developed a contemporary Rite of Passage programme for young men coming out of prison. I also trained with Wildwise at Schumacher College on their Environmental Education Training Programme. And most recently I have become a certified practitioner from the Heart IQ academy, who specialise in circle facilitation processes.

And now I am joint Director of Remembering Our Roots, a community interest company that brings all this work together. We work with a wide range of people and organisations, including schools.

Betty Jeuris

I am passionate about life and I am inspired by nature, music, movement, reading and good company.

After studying ancient and modern languages and getting my a degree in didactics and pedagogy, I started working with young people from very different backgrounds. For several years I was a high school teacher in sports, creative classes and language classes for teenage refugees. I loved the connection with the students, but after some time I felt something was missing.

Everything shifted when I rediscovered my creative core, through becoming mother of my two daughters. As from the time I was a child, I loved expressing myself through dancing, making jewelry, drawing, knitting and dressmaking, later on I added writing and gardening. From the wish of turning my passion into a career, I left my job as a teacher and got skilled in fashion design and as a professional make-up artist and hairdresser.

I worked freelance for magazines, in publicity and in tv-shows and for several companies. I was gratefully able to combine entrepreneurship with motherhood.

Despite this creative outlet, the longing for deeper truth and soul connection kept showing up in my life. That’s how, 15 years ago, I started the (sometimes swampy) search for “myself” through countless books, workshops, retreats, trainings, healings, sessions, groups and endless journeys; from martial arts to meditation, from singing classes to breathwork, from embodied expression to mindfulness.

Today I am a certified Tibetan yoga- and mindfulness teacher and a Heart IQ Practitioner (circle dynamics). I am the first female Belgian trainer for the international organisation of Challenge Day. On my journey I felt these programs were an answer to my wish of bringing together body and soul, expression and stillness, humor and depth.

Bringing the Be the Change and Challenge Day work from the US to Belgium became part of my mission, I started to build this non-profit organisation in 2012. In my own work, I bring a mixture of bodywork, mindfulness, movement, enquiry and circlework. My style is direct, simple and based on natural curiosity and compassion.

If you really knew me, you would also know that…

I was raised in a big family, with 2 brothers and 2 sisters. I am the middle one.

I love hiking, outdoor living, swimming in rivers - being in nature makes me feel so alive!

The beauty of free movement and deep stillness both connect me to a sacred place.