I believe that what the world needs right now is True Wild Kings and Queens. People who are passionate about what they do and are willing to make a stand for what they believe in. 

I believe that in order to do this, the long journey from the head into the heart is required. For me, that journey needs soul food, and that recipe includes a mixture of nature connection, mythology and most importantly, practicing the art of speaking our deepest truths and learning to listen to those of others.

I have been seeking and walking on the spiritual and healing path since 2002. I trained and practiced as a yoga teacher and then immersed myself deeply in the practice of meditation. I spent several years in retreats, both in groups and solitary but my bubble was burst by a meeting with Tony Parsons, a teacher of non-duality.

I longed for a more earthly spirituality and one that would engage me in what I saw was a great need in the world. For me, what I most wanted to see changed was the way children and young people were raised. I wanted to see our young infused with passion, connection to nature and a sense of mystery in the world. What I see happening is the opposite.

I have spent the last 7 years participating and training in all the areas that would support me in doing this work. I spent time with the mythologist, Martin Shaw, stewing in the images of the old stories and participating in vision quests with him.

Since 2013 I have been a part of and received training from A Band Of Brothers, a charity who have developed a contemporary Rite of Passage programme for young men coming out of prison. I also trained with Wildwise at Schumacher College on their Environmental Education Training Programme. And most recently I have become a certified practitioner from the Heart IQ academy, who specialise in circle facilitation processes.

And now I am joint Director of Remembering Our Roots, a community interest company that brings all this work together. We work with a wide range of people and organisations, including schools.